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Reduce Greenhouse Gas
Emissions with EU ETS

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions with EU ETS
The EU ETS stands as a fundamental element in the European Union's strategy to address climate change, serving as its primary instrument for efficiently curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

Get a reliable solution for monitoring, reporting, and verifying your EU-ETS emissions today.

Source For The World's
Third Largest CO2 Emitter

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EU Emissions Trading System (ETS)

Energroup's EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) service stands as a beacon of sustainability in the European Union's commitment to combating climate change. With a focus on environmental stewardship, Energroup provides a suite of specialized services that enable businesses to actively participate in the EU ETS.

This comprehensive offering includes expert advice on emissions reduction strategies, accurate CO2 emissions monitoring and appropriate compliance management. However, our EU ETS services include annual EU ETS audits, EU ETS baseline data reporting audits, actionable reviews and integrated audits.

EU ETS Follows a ‘Cap-and-Trade’ Approach For CO2 Emissions
2030 Target for ETS Emissions is upto 62%

EU ETS solutions to reduce CO2 emissions for efficiency and a global sustainable future.

100% reliable

marketplace, enhancing efficiency, competitiveness, and sustainability for a greener future.

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