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EACs: A Roadmap to
Clean Energy Targets

EACs not electricity itself; Instead, they act as contracts that convey information about the type of power plant (e.g. hydro, wind, solar) and the specific details of the plant. They also define the amount of electricity produced in renewable megawatts (MWh).

Join the journey and explore the power of EACs in driving clean energy transformation today

Simplify Clean Electricity
Production for Optimal Energy Mix

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Cost-Efficient Solution

The Environmental Attribute Certificate (EAC) is a globally recognized service which is available at Energroup to facilitate voluntary tradable market transactions. These certificates signify the holder's property rights to non-power attributes of a specific quantity of electricity generated from renewables.

Our service provides detailed information on environmental and social characteristics, including renewable fuel type and emissions, for one-megawatt-hour (MWh) units. The transparent framework promotes renewable energy generation and aligns seamlessly with carbon offset solutions.

Greenhouse Gas Protocol
Improve Corporate Sustainability Ratings

EACs to demonstrate environmental commitment & reduce carbon footprint.

Companies purchases

for flexible, goal-oriented renewable energy support, contributing to a greener landscape.

Companies use EACs
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